Our Story

Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation

Our story

Established in 2008 as TJ Cheng Law Corporation and re-launched as Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation in 2019, we are a corporate and commercial boutique law firm specialising in, inter alia, the niche area of broad-based and high-value cross-border practice. Our corporate clientele includes state-owned corporations, multi-national oil and energy conglomerates and both public-listed and private companies in the manufacturing and trading, automation and electrification, petroleum and chemicals, energy, natural resources and mining industries. We also represent corporations and individuals in mediations and select litigation cases, and consistently go the extra mile by serving our clients in various types of private client matters.

At Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation, our people are our strength, which is why we embrace diversity in our firm. Our team comprises individuals of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, experiences, training backgrounds and areas of expertise. Whilst celebrating our diversity, we also complement each other with our unique strengths. This enables us to be fortified into a tight-knit, well-coordinated and highly-driven professional team with the single aim of delivering quality and cost-effective legal services and solutions to our clients. It is this unique synergy of our collective professional experience and diverse legal perspectives that lend added dimensions and nuances to our practice.

Drawing on the formidable strength of a unified vision, Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation is dedicated to building a holistic legal practice with a long-lasting legacy.

Our Values

Our core value is derived from the Chinese character 心 which means “heart”.
This represents Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation’s philosophy of putting our heart in all that we do.

In addition, we believe in giving more than we receive – practically, this is reflected in our team consistently going above and beyond the standard scope of legal services.

We also strongly believe in conducting ourselves and our clients’ matters with integrity, always putting our clients’ interests before ours.

Our People

Cheng Tim Jin


Emily Teo Sze-Yin

Associate Director

Grace Soh Hui En

SENIOR Legal Associate

Our Community

As a firm which takes its corporate citizenship seriously, the Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation team is motivated by a genuine desire to meet the needs of our community. Keeping in line with our core values, we believe in putting our heart in everything that we do, especially when we can be a blessing to others.

Our team is passionate about making a difference in society beyond the legal sector. Be it spending a day at the community hospital interacting with elderly patients, raising funds for disaster relief, or providing free legal advice through our pro-bono schemes, we strongly believe that every little contribution makes an impact on the lives of others. Just as Wilberforce TJC Law Corporation has grown throughout the years, so has its services and contributions to the community. We will continue to build on our past and present contributions and achievements while remaining true to our core values of serving with our heart, with integrity and with a desire to give more than we receive.