Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Besides our transactional expertise, our disputes team is well-versed in resolving local and international commercial disputes. We will partner you at every step of your dispute, including advising on the suitable dispute resolution method tailored to your needs.

Our experience and services include mediation, arbitration, and in select cases, litigation. We are a strong proponent of using mediation and arbitration as alternative dispute resolution methods to litigation. In these areas, we have immense experience representing clients across industries and achieving their desired outcomes.

Our notable arbitration and mediation cases include:


  • Represented Taiwanese client in an arbitration in Korea commenced by a German pharmaceutical giant; 
  • Represented Indonesian client in an arbitration in Singapore commenced by a Canadian-listed drug company, who was represented by a Queen’s Counsel; 
  • Represented Singapore client in an arbitration in Singapore commenced by a Japanese-listed company; 
  • Represented Indonesian client in an arbitration in Singapore commenced by a Malaysian company over construction disputes; 
  • Represented Indian client in an arbitration in Singapore commenced by an insurance company over construction disputes; 
  • Advised Indonesian client in an arbitration in Singapore commenced by a German automotive company over termination of distribution rights; 
  • Advised Indonesian purchaser in an arbitration in Singapore against an Australian-listed company over disputes relating to the acquisition of an Indonesian-listed company.


  • Advised Indonesian client in negotiations over a a construction dispute with a Korean engineering company over machinery malfunctions at a coal-fired power plant, finally achieving favourable settlement; 
  • Advised an Indonesian client in negotiations within the energy industry in a dispute worth USD 2 million with another Indonesian company over a services agreement for a Bankable Feasibility Study and achieved a settlement for USD 1.1 million; 
  • Advised a biotechnology research company in resolving a dispute with an internationally-renowned pharmaceutical company over licences for medical products. The dispute had been ongoing for seven years, with no resolution. Eventually, the client achieved a settlement for the granting of the said licences;  
  • Advised a Singaporean client at negotiations and a mediation of a Canadian drug company’s arbitration claim against it over an asset purchase agreement for the latter’s assets. The mediation resulted in the discontinuance of the arbitration proceedings, with the claimant settling for a smaller sum than was claimed for in the arbitration and under the asset purchase agreement, and a favourable variation of the asset purchase agreement.