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Wilberforce Argo (Indonesia)

Wilberforce Argo (Indonesia)

Wilberforce Argo was incorporated in Indonesia in 2012 for the purposes of providing corporate advisory services, specialising in the niche area of broad-based high-value regional cross-border business and commercial consultancy practice whilst professional offering excellent corporate advisory services.

Wilberforce Argo’s corporate clientele includes private companies, state-owned corporations, multinational oil companies, foreign investment companies, energy conglomerates and public listed companies in area of the manufacturing and trading, petroleum and chemicals, energy, natural resources, mining industries and property development.

Wilberforce Argo’s core philosophy is an absolute commitment to providing commercially astute and client-centric legal solutions which embrace innovation without sacrificing practicality. Wilberforce Argo brings one-stop solutions to suit its clients’ needs providing comprehensive corporate advice and related business services.

Wilberforce Argo’s internationally oriented practices are well supported by the Wilberforce Group. Through these affiliations, Wilberforce Argo is truly confident in its ability to assist its clients in cross-border transactions ensuring its client interests are well-served.

Corporate Matters and M&A
Wilberforce Argo’s corporate team takes pride in its broad based cross-border practice and handles a wide spectrum of M&A and corporate transactions. Wilberforce Argo works closely with clients to ensure that their corporate needs are met in the most pragmatic and efficient manner and are aligned with their business objectives whilst enhancing their corporate position. No deal is the same and Wilberforce Argo have a reputation for providing timely and personalised corporate advice, tailored to each client and deal. Wilberforce Argo’s corporate clientele includes start-ups, public listed corporations, multinational corporations, state-owned corporations, private equity and venture capital firms and financiers. Wilberforce Argo forge enduring relationships with its clients through its dedication to deliver practical solutions. Wilberforce Argo provide comprehensive corporate and commercial advisory services to its clients, both regional and local – with the primary objective of executing the optimal solution to maximise its clients’ growth potential and attain their business goals.

Corporate Finance and Investment Services
Wilberforce Argo’s finance team provides advice on a comprehensive range of complex corporate, securitisation and structured finance, loan syndication transactions and full range of fund-related legal advice. Wilberforce Argo also advises on various debt and equity related fund raising exercises such as private placements and rights issues of shares and convertible bonds.
a) Fund raising from private funds (private equity, private debt issuance, strategic investors) and financial institutions
b) Merger and acquisition services including: Sale and Divestment of Business; Acquisitions and Strategic Investments; Business Restructuring, Mergers, Joint Ventures
c) Cross border investment advisory (preparation of business plan, advising on appropriate corporate structure and jurisdiction, linking up business owners with key government agencies)
d) Review of financing options and deal structuring
e) Transaction support and management
f) Corporate restructuring
g) Company Establishment
h) Corporate Compliance
i) Contract Drafting

Aircraft Purchase and Financing
Wilberforce Argo’s aircraft finance specialists are at the forefront of the development of this sector in Singapore and frequently advise on sophisticated and time-sensitive aircraft purchase and finance transactions. With a wealth of experience and profound business acumen, Wilberforce Argo provides customised corporate solutions which are tax-motivated and thorough representation and support necessary to close the deal, from negotiating a letter of intent or term sheet, to overall management and coordination of transaction closing including reviewing and advising on the aircraft purchase and financing documents.

Asset and Wealth Management
Wilberforce Argo’s asset and wealth management team brings together experienced corporate lawyers and finance analysts which better enable Wilberforce Argo to advise its clients on commercial issues and transactions, including the most appropriate structure to preserve and manage client’s assets taking full advantage of available opportunities, and to provide legal advice on trust law, succession planning, estate administration, regulatory concerns.

Energy and Projects
Wilberforce Argo’s experienced energy and projects team are well versed with the risks and commercial complications involved and fully appreciate that the key to success is to balance the intertwined and complex interests of regulators, financiers and the parties involved. Wilberforce Argo’s accomplished team has a keen sense of understanding of the various stakeholders’ perspectives by emphasising relationships and mutual understanding; this enables Wilberforce Argo to successfully facilitate a project from inception to financial close.